Watching your life such a Movie

Will the film of your life ever, do you enjoy and feel worth it? Even if it’s not good, turn these videos right now into the ones you still want to watch when you get old.

Of course life does not have miraculous opportunities or opportunities to give you fascinating movies all the time, but you can still create extraordinary moments: By getting used to “acting” and looking. Get life like a movie! Even in this game of life, be aware that you are just playing chess players.

Have you ever heard of Truman psychosis? People with this syndrome think that they are being filmed and that everyone around them is an actor, including relatives and physicians. Truman Delusion syndrome is beautiful in that: People want to find a meaning for themselves, and therefore suddenly want to see this world as fake – illusory, a theater of perpetual pain. It allows one to live by an extraordinary hunch.

Within a moment the mind went out of this created society. The only problem is that people with Truman syndrome believe they are the center of the universe. But if you believe you’re acting, and don’t place your weight on your life, you’ll be confident and free in the middle of this world. Really!

Suppose, you are about to enter a tense negotiation, or are about to give an important presentation, or to speak, to make up with your lover, … – practice speaking as if an actor is learning words. phone. And all the scenes will become the catwalk, and everyone around you will be your co-star. Practice these things often.

Taking a communication course, reading skill books, observing people around and watching more on movies – all of which help you perfect your interaction with this life like a real actor.

At that time, what is fear, jealousy, more than losing, will almost no longer exist in your heart. Because you know, in a play that all has its role, you won’t envy a co-star because he / she plays richer and more talented characters than you, nor does he feel disdain for acting. impersonator poor or disabled.

You start living with an extraordinary hunch about the world, though still rational and alert to do things. To become like this, turn this idea into your direction:

Seek freedom in the mind and transcend the inherent notions of life.

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