Writing for the prejudice during pandemic days…

In sociology, the notion of preconceptions is that opinions and views have been formed, before the perception of relevprejudice facts or the known information of a particular event.

Before I still think that maybe you still think it was formed for a long time, the social preopinion it is injected into every human individual through the socializing process of the person.

Re-socializing yourself to define simple for 1 number of you outside the understand the following: this is the process of turning 1 person from the part of the human being, creating 1 human body.

Returning to the topic today that I spoke of, the prejudice is 1 lie!

Do you think so? I was actually aware of this through 1 book, so I wprejudice to tell you…

It explains that the opinion is more prohibitive than explained. Yes, in terms of the common prejudices, these are prohibitions, and others do not like it, and they are no longer in opinion, and the opinion of 1 phenomenon.

The example in a book is easy to understand: you can’t sneeze into someone else?

Why, will people explain that unpolite?

Does the real value in that statement have to be unpolite? You try to sneeze at the other person right now that this SCREW-up time you see what will happen:)) that is the true value of this initiative.

Or recently, people criticize son Mr. Cao Thang and Dong NHI, wedding billions so that in favor of Western children were 50tr

They make the initiative that artists are supposed to support, give money to buy goods, luxury weddings that cry no? The west of her children are starving….

The question, does the person say so they really care for the West is limited, or the fact that they are angry at the couple of these artists, they are going to envy the lives of the couple and this is the chance that they’re going to discharge that news…..

The keyboard hero relies on the initiative to take the book, extracting others as 1 social phenomenon often finds… And if you intend to outline 1 keyboard hero, think carefully before you take action. Because this is a terrible “strong” lie…..

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