I’m a very dreamy and spontaneous person, if you like, do it or not. I am very good at exploring because of my curiosity but the development to succeed is very bad due to impatience. 15 years of life I went through many careers. Business bds in 2007_2011 period. When people struggled during the economic crisis, I still leisurely lived well. My concept is always “Heroes create time” The market changes direction, which is an opportunity for me to emerge and crept in to find ways to make money. The paradox is that when the market goes up, I am still lazy and have no motivation to make money “to get richer and richer”. I was tired of flying, I just wanted to stay at home “having fun” and fill the whole family.
I returned to the field of medicine, the industry I hated as a child. My mother never looked after me like any other child because she spent the whole day in the hospital and the clinic. All my childhood, I only had Ba to care for, love, nurture. Yet I also learned for 6 years, not only did I study well but understood quickly, I was sensitive to medicine and had a good grasp of the disease. My patients are more and more, especially children.
But 5 years later, I became more and more stagnant, all day turning around four walls, not knowing what news, technology not using, I felt like I was waiting to die. And at this moment, I know why my mother is so strict, so strict, so far away from her children. Because I was exactly like my mother.
I decided to change, I did not want to grow old and more authoritative and uncomfortable. Moreover, that’s not the type I want. I want to be free, happy and happy
I went back to business, it took the first 2 years to pay a “stupid” fee to return to the market. I find myself revived, reverted to my true personality, happy, generous and energetic but more listening, more understanding.
I find myself, I know who I am and what I want. I am happy that I am a solid spiritual support for my children and loved ones.
Who knows, maybe 10 years from now, when I succeed, I will become a psychologist and a consultant, supporting young people “struggling” like me.
By reading here, you will be wondering, “Huh, what is the batch saying, why don’t I understand?” “What is the keyword of the batch?”
Yes, it took me 15 years to understand myself and always remind myself “DISCIPLINE” “KEEP GOALS”.

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