Writing for a new book: Chinese Luo Lai Lai

My college friends are traveling. There are no tourists in the season, they invite each other to learn English. I asked why should I learn that, she said that when I was idle, I would focus on improving my knowledge, not leaving blank time for what?

My friend, she was also a tough-headed, self-made person who had been studying Chinese since college, about the same year she neglected English, graduated to work as a Taiwanese travel company, each I’ve been busy with hundreds of delegations for a long time, leading guests from across Sapa to Phu Quoc for a few years, so I don’t need to use English. At the beginning of the year, I was saving money to get married, unfortunately, the job was suddenly clean, the general situation, now that no one is traveling anymore, the company is temporarily closed, it returns to the apartment. The inn, first few days also do not know what to do, many days thinking about the future and tears. Its job is just like any other job in this society, if there is a job, it will have an income, nothing will be nothing, a Chinese word is no longer enough. At home not to waste time, he thinks about learning more English, trying to wait for difficulties to pass, there are two Chinese-English languages ​​will do many things at once for a brighter future.

Having a girl who is resilient, doing what she is determined to do, it is not easy to go from a poor village to needy families to pass and go to college in the city. found in his hometown. In that poor village, it was considered an idol by children. So the idol of the young people started buying books to study and hire English teachers online, at least 2 hours a day has been regular for nearly a month now. Nearly a month passed, he showed me how I progressed to see you, spoke good basic English to the teacher, but the pronunciation was not much different from foreigners, at this rate I would conquer restoring the future to success. Her gaze amazed, her cute gesture impressed me.

“I have tried my best, you also try to teach Chinese well. I am lacking in English but I have to learn, I think there will be many people who already know English and want to learn Chinese for a better future. for work and life, now a foreign language is not enough. ” It patted my shoulder to encourage.

I smiled, thinking suddenly about my students, who must have such strong beliefs and motivation.

Somewhere out there, in locked rooms left in stormy Europe, under the late night light of a dormitory for workers in Taiwan, on the verdant green fields of a quiet village or in the small attic of an urban building, my students are still holding the book Chinese Luo Lai Lai, and the pens in their hands are like drawing a dream.

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