Writing for a new product: Collagen

One side is mother and another side is sister of course. Many folk songs and traditional music I heard too many times.

Wednesday afternoon, the rain is falling. The information that people hear a lot now is simply more cases of Ms. Vy than paying attention to the weather. I also care but it was before. Before covering the bed, eating, sleeping, Ms. Vy could not visit. Hehe

Take your laptop to a familiar cafe, just because the rain is gloomy but normally, there is no place where lemons discharge souls in this loving corner, which is one of the quietest points, the most trees. What rather than near nature happy auto. Hugging my phone and laptop for ten hours, changing views is something I should do.

Long-term bachelors like recluse. But who knows, the season Ms. Vy has an excuse for chit chat “long heart”.

Your team made a deal, invited to eat and drink. Simple and extremely easy to understand, we are all trying to rescue her very toxic body, just like to play but do not want to be busy taking care of the child. When it was startling, she realized that there was a team of girls who were husband and wife, husband and wife, who had co-ordinated. Full of high school goalkeeper love.

Reasonably removed m ** .. but there is no zai. Just F.A zozo bored a lifetime. But can not let the cheeky pinch, not yet armpits, any guy, they DELETE themselves (heavier boycott)

I’m still cooking the SAW ZAI plan, determined!

Pressing on the phone, looking for a boy in the past, who naturally cut off just because he loved him so much but couldn’t love him far. Bla bla …

He came. I told everything. Clearly, but he actually overlooked a long time ago. The hand holding comforting stars so disgusting. For a long time now, roosters rearing their babies do not vibrate. The neck skirt was cut deep, the right kind of flower – the color he liked in the old days. Near the kiss, the smooth music emitted from ROMANTIC, the phone rang: “Go home, it’s important.”

My sister seemed like a house fire, choosing the right time. Farewell to him and did not bother asking for a second date.

Lose one glue then another glue.

Saturday morning, let the phone go to repair. Basically near the house, I have to fix the phone and go to the South. The cricket is at fault again … go fix. But he was different. Across the store, try to wear a shirt that is high on the wall, actually the tightest in a closet. But the little girls keep screaming at me so white that I see through. Does white skin make you nervous? Life is just like that. Please give info of the owner, add Friend and finish the appointment last night. This chance really does not kiss does not return.

He happily handed the phone, it was a bit frozen (because deliberately know how broken it is). At that time, no one was there. The conversation was at its peak, he drew closer to him, the phone rang. Forgot to turn off the bell is real:
– Loan, you went right to her house, she lost it. She was on the highway.

So the paragraph please info just there.

I went to class meetings to think about my new friends’ tips. Crowded street. Vehicles go like lags. Con E LET’S BEAUTIFUL PLATE PLATE WITH BEAUTIFUL PLATE. Legs hurt, being able to stand up is delicious. The owner of a beautiful license plate car took him to the hospital. The test is light. But it was a responsible person, he took him home. If you pretend to be a bitch … You can’t do that. I let him go. After repairing, the car moved to the yard at night.

Unexpectedly, he brought fruits and food. If your leg hurts if you eat a lot, then roll away. He helped me to go step by step to the table. A solid body, size long gym. Having eaten in a warm light, does anyone think that when the collision is lucky, the chance is unique?

Suddenly, the husband and two teams rushed in like a whirlwind. Not letting him say anything, those floods don’t know how to break the mess or make disturbances. He was afraid to greet out first.

I still owe a husband-in-law’s mother, to the world of a lover.

From then until now, I still wish to kiss a brother. I know that when you are with me, the kiss is sweeter than Albelibe candy, and then we both go to the movies, go out to eat, go to Highlands, through the most poetic streets … I am the perfect romantic lover …

And especially will buy Chlorophyll Collagen – a product only women in the 4.0 era will have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE. Only one box but bright, smooth skin, thanks to Chlorophyll helps eliminate toxins easily, Collagen is very good for skin regeneration, Vitamin C enhances resistance to …

All in the COLLAGEN CONTENT box. Better yet, the price per box is only 380k.

The next great thing is that there is Chlorophyll Collagen, every woman is more confident, more loving.

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