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The topics given today are sources to increase our understanding of Content Marketing. As a dreamer who asked to join the group because I was able to read great content from you guys, I flinched back to the original. Re-filter Google to see what Content Marketing is. Please quote the definition on Wikipedia
“Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content to a defined audience within the online environment. Often used to:
– Attract attention and potential customers
– Expand the customer system
– Create or increase sales volume online
– Increasing brand identity and reputation
– Interact with online user community ”
Having read the definition of Content Marketing means that I’m taking the first steps on this path. Therefore, this article is more like a study planner rather than a shared experience, a passion of newcomers.
1. Study Content Writing courses
A few weeks ago, I found a series of videos in the “Ultimate Art of Content Writing” series of Marketing for Loser. When I found it, I was very happy because these documents were very valuable. But I am always in a state when I have the opportunity to study later. This was like having been given a treasure map that kept hidden in the corner of the closet never really looking for treasure. Realizing that I’m so stupid, before writing the article hurriedly go to see the first lecture. The long road, the total length of nearly 30 hours, also fits the thirty-day challenge. So one more item to do – Watch the Top Art of Writing Content Marketing page of Marketing for Loser
2. Reading books about psychology
Content marketing is ultimately an interaction. Our writing needs to be communicated with people we don’t know, people who are a bit interested in our brand, those who are already customers or even loyal customers. This is like any interaction we have in this world. To interact effectively, we must capture the psychology of those who are aiming. Reading is always the surest and safest first step to accessing a certain knowledge.
Regarding books on psychology and skills, I always look to books of OOPSY author group. The psychological books of OOPSY are extremely “psychological” and have a very suitable identity for Vietnamese people, which are not accessible to Western sources of books. For example, I want to sell “sincere love,” and I read the book Fear of the Heart by Peter Somewan, an author of OOPSY. I gradually learned how to approach a person, how to maintain a relationship, when to need scraping actions, and most importantly, what is sincere love.
3. Getting trend
Earlier this year, I received a lucky money from Marketing for loser. I learned that society always has psychological trends. People often live in this general trend without being aware. The content hit is due to hit these trends, and vice versa are failures. These trends are evident in the hit songs of each year. These songs became hits because they talked to a large number of listeners, sympathized with their psychology, and were accepted and spread. He taught about the 10-year trend of such trends. So in 2020, there will be a tendency to repeat the psychological trends of 2010. So I find the famous people in 2010 to listen to catch the 2020 trend. Listen everywhere is hurt, break up, loss hope.

4. Live with content
The truth is what we can live with. I have been infected by an American comedian Gabriel Jesus Iglesias these days in a stand-up comedy. He is a famous latin comedian despite his slightly oversized body (sometimes up to 200kg). Overcoming prejudices, he can confidently stand on stage telling stories that make audiences from the US to India, to Saudi Arabia laugh. I myself, raised in Vietnam, although in the US but the American cultural capital is very limited, but still can understand his piece of comedy. That proves his content has a tremendous amount of spread. Someone asked him how he could have so many funny stories. He answered that these were all real things and he lived with them. Of course that is a simplification. He had to live with it (sometimes horrible injuries when people tried to touch the imperfections in him), stronger than those injuries, intelligent and subtle to observe and rearrange to into a joke. As I said, I want to write content about genuine love. I have to glean that love, honing that sincerity in the little interactions between my busy daily life. I slowed down to observe the people around me, found those who needed love, tried to be sincere to them, and tried to maintain meaningful relationships. If I could live with true sincerity, my content would also have breath and exude that sincere love. It was the feeling of a beginner.

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