What is our mission, why must do we have?

You are very good but can still not succeed, you are rich but can remain unhappy

Success & Happiness is a life destination, which wants to achieve a strategy

With the individual, we need a strategy for life, with the business need company strategy

So what is the strategy, including what elements? And why are few people strategically?

The strategy can be understood as the way, the way we choose to optimize the current resources for achieving certain goals in the long term (usually 3-5 years)

Goals in the long term (3-5 that year) start from the vision (i.e. visualize how you are on yourself or your business after 3-5 more years). From that set goal, aim to give the path/way or strategy to achieve it

That’s simple, but few people do it, since we haven’t yet found our MISSION.

Mission, understanding simply enough reason, is the purpose of existence of individuals and businesses. This will be more energy, so that we overcome the inner abyss & the Mountains of life

The mission of the individual or mission of the business, will typically cover three factors:

+ The purpose exists, or the reason is large enough to begin (e.g. practice writing, business examples…)

+ Areas of expertise or activities of individuals and organizations?

+ What is the value we bring to others?

Then before we start doing anything, let’s put three questions. 1. After 3 months, 1 year, 3 years will I become who, that person? The example becomes 1 full-affected Contenter, van follow. How will I achieve that? Read, learn, view, listen, and write continuously every day? Connect with the good people in the field, connect with those who are the models that have achieved their goal to study with them?

The way is not lacking, but the REASON is big enough, so that we are required to be good at Content or to achieve the vision (for other business siblings)?

There is BIG WHY, EASY HOW, the reason, the purpose is large enough, the method will be easy. Those who focus so much on HOW to learn HOW (tips, methods) without finding the WHY (mission) often give up soon

So what is the greatest mission or reason we have created this Group? What do the suggested topics mean?

Those topics are the questions, so you should seriously & truly become a concern, find the vision, the mission & each person’s strategy

Higher than 1 bit, if anybody will have access to 1 new Content School, CONTENT THERAPY, i.e. Content writing so that we find ourselves back, healing is hurt in the past & become more mature, if you grasp those techniques, not only benefit yourself, but also help customers THERAPY, it’s a great secret to make them loyal. In each of them there are 1 FIX psychological patterns available and there are & energetic Content formulas, just someone who pointed out that you can write 1 very queer way

Forget, there are 1 more elements involved in the strategy, which is the CORE VALUE, ask for the edge in another post, as if ACE cares

Our energy when doing anything like the GROUP’s operating graph below, excitedly and exploding in the early stages, then re-plug the mine back to its first state. That’s the reason we MAINTAIN, it needs to be that mission.

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