“Howl’s Moving Castle” A fully tolerance for bad people

This is one of the rare movies that only watching for the first time I was truly infatuated by all, starting with the plot; character to the plot of the movie. It gives us a lot of charisma. I watched the movie before reading the story, so impressed, deepened. But we all know that with the duration 120 minutes of this film can not fully describe the hundreds of pages.

Howl’s Moving Castle was adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Diana Wynne Jones, published in Vietnam under the name “Howl’s Wizard Castle”. In Diana’s pen, the character line becomes more British, luxurious and more noble in the anime (of course). And this article is more about anime.

Howl – the handsome, mysterious and mysterious wizard. This male is not perfect, but even full of defects: baboons, children, grooming, teasing girls. But the truth Howl is a good wizard, very good. Howl mysteriously from personality, appearance to his identity and everyday life. People do not know who he is, every place, his footprint is marked with different names. Every color on the door is a different life from the pain is also different. Round dots on the door as the colors in life. From dark, to brilliant, noisy, happy. Howl loves to run, he avoids reality and confrontation. His life around only runaway, the beginning of the film, Howl looks good but I feel he fell into a deadlock. Because no one wants and can not escape for life. Hidden under the flashy look, he longed for freedom, longing for happiness.

The anime features the Japanese director, his desires and the whole of Japan about his peaceful life, especially when he describes the story through the pain of the war. Every night, Howl gong painfully suffered to become a bird-like monster, flying away to save the country from unwarranted war. This action makes viewers look at Howl more pleasantly, ignoring his bad habits. In general no one is perfect, Howl’s faults, in my opinion, is still acceptable. People always laugh, but are you happy?

The film is a long journey not only of Howl but also of Sophie on the path of seeking happiness, conquering her dream. Sophie in the close, more emotional and follow me is more sympathetic to Howl than in the story. Whether in the form of an old lady or a lovely girl, Sophie’s heart is always trying to sympathize with Howl, even seeing the heavy shadow in Howl’s heart. From completing the contract, she moves on to help Howl, helping him solve his own charms. Actually, I admire Diana when she is able to create Sophie’s opposing views as young and old. Who knows when we will think old.

Characters are built with their own characteristics, not identical. It all seems to be more bright, loving and lovable in the series. From Calcifer’s fire, the head of the coriander, to Howl’s apprentice. Only the witch of Waster is ugly, trivial and useless.

Each character in the anime has a spell hidden behind him, like the difficulties in life. The film is about defective people, gathering together to fulfill the dream together. Dream of freedom and happiness. If you love romance stories Howl’s Moving Castle can disappoint you. The characters in the movie act more than say it. Like Sophie, despite the danger of breaking down the mobile castle, Howl lost weight. As Howl managed to turn himself into a monster to protect Sophie. As Calcifer – wildly devilish fire devoted the castle to protect everyone. Like the old Waster Waster, abandoning her lifelong dream: to capture Howl’s heart to give him life. As Radish heads accept death to save them all.

But how do you treat your character badly? The full end of Howl and Sophie’s happy, free life, as well as the people in the airplane, bring hope to the brighter. Make movies like fairy tales. Everybody deserves to be happy, if they try and stop hoping.

120 minutes is a series of actions full of love, compassion that the characters for each other. It is a sacrifice for the sake of love. Director Miyazak succeeded in conveying the great meaning of the story to the film. Nice film, invested carefully. Witty, funny and (sometimes) meaningful lyrics. The gentle exertion of the disturbance. Howl’s Moving Castle is a movie for all ages. As light as a dream but true to our own life.

Please take a Howl song that I like in the movie to close this entry.

“From now on, I will not run away. Because you have something to protect, and that’s you. “

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