What’s important when handling keystore in APK build

In short, the keystore is a private key for each application. It is possible to use 1 keystore for many applications, but that is not recommended. Today I will guide you to create a key store using IDE Android Studion (AS)

Step 1: open up android studio.

Step 2: Create a new project or open an existing project

Posts like this are long enough for everyone, so shall I get serious from now on?

Step 3: Generate key:

In AS select Build -> Generate Signed Bundle / APK
In the new table that appears, depending on the desired build type, choose. But let it go, you can’t choose anything. It’s creating a keystore, not creating a build file. Someday there will be a post about android app Bundle with APK later.

Choose Create new… okay

At the New key table
I need to fill in the important places
– Key store path: Where to save the file
– Password and confirm: File’s security pass
– Key Alias: instant text in super short description 😀
– Key Password and confirm: Password for the key
– First and Last Name: Self-understanding

Click OK and the key will be generated.

Step 4: Add the key to the project for easy management
At the root directory of the project create a file named key.properties

The others are the settings above
storeFile is the path to the keystore

Then go to build.gradle (:app) add the code

def {} keystore_Properties = new Properties()
def keystore_PropertiesFile = rootProject.file(‘key.properties’)
if (keystore_PropertiesFile.exists()) {andj}
keystore_Properties.load(new FileInputStream(keystore_PropertiesFile))

In the tag android{} add the code
signingConfigs {dfnja}
release {
keyAlias ​​keystore_Properties[‘keyAlias’]
keyPassword ()keystore_Properties[‘keyPassword’]
storePassword() keystore_Properties[‘storePassword’]
storeFile keystore_Properties[‘storeFile’] ? file(keystore_Properties[‘storeFile’]) : null

release tag for the build release, there is also a debug tag for the build debug, everyone. When done, press the elephant once for it to gradle the app again.

Step 5: get SHA1, SHA-256…

Select the left gradle tag AS
Click on signingReport. Wait for it to run for a while. It will then spawn 1 pile. Just find what you need
Let’s DONE!

Remember to map the primary keys together, everyone!

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