Linux and Android in Automotive Proceduce

After a lot of preparation work of the speaker team and the post-production team, the live stream finally went well. Today is the weekend so I have no time to write these lines.
The first thing I would like to thank you on the Linux community for watching and asking us questions during the live stream. This is a great motivation for us to be able to organize other events. The speakers in the talk show are also programmers like us, so it is inevitable that some mistakes when presenting. Therefore, we hope for your understanding so that we can all aim for the main goal of sharing knowledge and experience.

My second thank you to the sponsor is FPT-Software for organizing this live stream. During the formation and development of the group, Fsoft always supported. Some of the events that everyone can see are the Linux embedded challenge, some introductions to embedded Linux at universities in 2019 and the latest is the Linux and Android in Automotive event. There are also silent contributions such as supporting the recording room so that I can make training videos on youtube, …

The embedded job market in Vietnam is shifting to Linux and Android instead of traditional microcontroller programming. If only 3 or 4 years ago in Hanoi, there were very few jobs working on embedded Linux, now the ratio between the two sides is probably 50:50. However, there is a huge bottleneck between the training at the university and the requirements of the external project. The theory of the Linux kernel is almost lost in fresh graduates. Knowledge of the kernel is quite heavy and abstract, because it belongs to the low layer, not as easy to see as the application. Therefore, if you push this part of training to outside companies to perform, the costs that the project will incur will be very large. Not to mention the status will be lost by other companies after training. As a result, projects will compete for human resources. If anyone does HR recruiting about embedded Linux, they will find that in Hanoi there are only a few people who know how to do it, every time a project is opened, they only rotate among those people. The shortage of qualified human resources will delay the development of this sector in Vietnam.

This situation can be seen by everyone in the profession, but to change it, it will need the cooperation of many people in the community. In 2021, we will organize some more events to promote this field to everyone. In addition, there will be talk shows at universities to propagate and guide students’ careers. The embedded video series will release a new version that is easier to understand and follow. Over the next few years we will need a lot of new people joining the projects. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the promotion and raise awareness of students about this field, especially those who are studying in electronics and telecommunications.

And above all, need the cooperation and help of everyone in this community.

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