My experience of submitting apps to the Apple Store

This article wants to express a different concept compared to pushing the app to the Google Store, pushing the app to the Apple Store is something very this. Apple is very strict in app review. Being rejected by apple is a common occurrence in the ward. Here I would like to share some things to prepare to be able to submit an app for apple review.

Read the review guidelines carefully
Apple is very careful so they also prepare for developers a specific and detailed guide for everyone to prepare. So everyone should read in advance to avoid their application falling into the forbidden zone of apple.
In summary, there are 5 main items that we need to pay attention to:
a. Safety
b. Performance
c. Business
d. Thiết kế
e. Legal
Prepare carefully for content
Need to prepare carefully about the types of screenshots, Content description. For screenshots, a minimum of 3 screenshots with different formats is required
a. Apps that support iPhone
– 1242*2688(1284*2778) – For rabbit ears and 1242*2208 – For normal screen (with portrait mode)
– 2688*1242(2778*1284) – For rabbit ears screen and 2208*1242 – For normal screen (with landscape mode)
b. iPad powered apps
– 2048*2732 For vertical screen
– 2732*2048 For landscape screen
=> the image must be exact, There is no see-through transparency in the image.
c. Description of the app
– The description of the app must be exact with the functionality that exists in the app
– App has at least 3 main function screens
– For apps that are not required to log in, they are not allowed to log out first.
-….. Read more guide line
d. ETC…
– In addition, you must answer classification questions, policy paths…
Need good at foreign languages
Need to communicate well in foreign languages. For companies like Apkgenk, English or Japanese. But mostly English to be able to communicate with Apple reviewers when the app is rejected.
In general, Apple is very strict but extremely professional, the reviewer will answer in detail the processing steps for our side to fix. or do not understand they will ask me. My job is to handle or explain to them my app.

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