My income in the field of embedded Linux.

This is probably a sensitive topic, many people care but few people share. If you post questions on programming forums, you will probably get many different answers. But in general, few people will share a specific number, or answer how the salary of this industry compares to other programming industries.
Since opening the group, I have had many opportunities to talk with HR in this field. Plus his work is also related to recruitment. So I wrote a few lines to share my knowledge with everyone.
Compared with traditional embedded Linux, is the salary higher? If the level is senior or lower, I think it is higher. Simply at those levels, the recruitment requirements of embedded Linux are higher than that of microcontroller programming. In addition to the ability to program microcontrollers, programmers must also understand the OS, kernel and Linux drivers to be able to program. But this part also takes a lot of time (6 months to 1 year if you work hard). So the fact that the income is higher than I thought is understandable.
Salary around 10 million depending on the company. Some companies are willing to pay 14 15 million for fresh graduates. About over 20 million for 2 years of experience.
However, if the level is expert level or higher, it is difficult to answer. Because good people always have a way to generate income for themselves. So no matter what field they work in, they are all successful. Nhat Nghe Tinh Tinh Nhat Vinh (Really good at 1 thing will be successful), I think this sentence is still true.
There is only one special thing in embedded Linux that I find different from other programming fields that is the competition in recruitment. This industry really has very little jostling in the job market. It’s just that few people can do it. To really understand and do it well, a programmer needs years of learning. There is always something new for you to learn. This is probably my favorite part of this industry.
For me personally, the fact that I chose this field when I was in school was simply because I liked it, not based on its income. So far, I still feel that choice is right for me.
Some lines are a bit rambling, thanks for reading.

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