Uboot – Probably an Incomplete doc.

Uboot is an essential piece of knowledge for many developers who are working on embedded Linux. However, if you search online, there are quite a few documents, especially those that are detailed enough to be read after reading.
During my free time on Tet holiday, I plan to write a document describing the source code flow in uboot and how to port it when designing a new board. However, I just finished writing the theoretical part about flow source code. As for the practice part, I haven’t written it yet.
I plan to complete the whole thing and then publish it, but I’m afraid that next time my work will be busy and I won’t be able to finish it. So I decided to publicize the unfinished document.
Although the document is not complete, I think it is much more detailed than the documents we can find online. So I look forward to everyone’s comments and suggestions.
By the way, if anyone wants to help me complete this document, you can inbox me. I will give some requirements that arise in practice such as needing to edit the serial port for uboot, change the device tree, add a new driver, … You will do and add to the document. If you don’t know how, I can guide you.
Also, if anyone has good documents about uboot, they can comment here to share with everyone or inbox me please.
Link of uboot kit: https://github.com/…/uboot…/blob/master/uboot_flow.pdf

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