3 levels of “cultivation” to become a master of marketing

People often talk about the process of learning knowledge and perfecting skills in Marketing, one is KNOWLEDGE, the other is PROFESSIONAL. It is very important to be able to draw this route for the profession, if you can’t draw, you are just a craftsman, if you can draw it, you will impose a layer of will on people entering the profession.
And in this complex polymath profession, imposing will on others is the key. Even my juniors don’t know how to do it, how the hell can I do it with customers. Marketing is basically about imposing the concept of a product on the will of the user, which alone requires sweeping forces across the entire customer journey.
But what is the job of imposing will on others? It is to bring the image you want, use a human force of wealth, to leave an imprint on the spirit, perception and thinking of others, to influence their inner thoughts and behavior.
The success or failure of human life is also this. And the father of Positioning theory said exactly that, ten like that in the masterpiece LOCATION, anyone who has not read it is not considered to have learned marketing. Read it and deny it, consider quitting the job!
Of course, for the producer, seller, and distributor, things are a little different, but the overall picture remains the same. Imposing willpower on agents, distributors, and partners is the key to long-term business
So I take the liberty of presenting naively the 3 BIG LEVEL, the 9 Minor LEVEL in this will-impression industry, as a tribute to the period of the birth of new greats. I will not explain, just say, if anyone has questions, please meet privately, chat secretly:
• Level 1: Self-understanding. The requirement is to know one’s strengths, is it writing or technique, or strategy, or just running around on errands. Self-knowledge is not being tied down to this level, but laying a foundation of character to strive for. Many people who study and teach marketing don’t do this well, and end up hanging around for a lifetime and becoming a waste
But if you know this strength well, just work hard, be told all kinds of things, patiently sit for 3-4 years and do all kinds of hard work. What is the key, try to realize, find a way to do better, find your own shortcomings and correct them, don’t rush to plow in the middle of the road, go to all the classes and then get nowhere. For years, he was just a throwaway guy working at the bottom of the companies
• Level 2: Do-it-yourself. The requirement is that you must be able to do some basic marketing work yourself in order to sell. Simply hold the goods, say what kind of people to buy. Selling to 100 people is a natural formula for how to use your strengths and impose your will to buy and sell on others. If you can’t do it yourself, then your whole life will be stuck in the position of being the worst marketer
And it’s already level 2, every owner needs someone like that. Because for them to do anything related to the product, they all know how to create a good idea, happy words, wise approach, creep into the customer’s mind, create a mental connection between the boss and the customer, between the company and the community, between the product and the user. To put it bluntly, there are a bunch of people who have been doing marketing for almost 20 years, don’t know how to create this mental connection, they are all fake, and then stuffed into the next generation’s head. The first 100 people you sell to are your planet. Try to stretch your brains and eyes to see, hear, think, summarize.
People sometimes distinguish each other in that ultimate effort. No effort, sitting around arguing about life, are all wastes
• Level 3: Self-employed. The requirement is that wherever you go to market and sell, you will understand, understand, speak correctly, speak correctly, be strong internally, not afraid of mistakes, not afraid of customers, know how to find them, build a connection bridge flexible depending on the situation, cleverly managed, safe and motionless on his own, always in a warm energy belt. Reaching Self-Mastery is the leader of the marketing team, the project is fine. Only to this level of 3/6 alone, sometimes a lifetime of striving can’t be done, because it takes too many factors, including personal bias, to the chance to have a leader, to the good fortune of not dying prematurely. life’s crushing
Of course, in this self-employment class, when looking at the eyes, it is not uncommon for Vietnamese Marketing heroes to achieve the ability to learn marketing and master marketing naturally, skillfully and firmly. They are surrounded by fans and loyal customers

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