A normal working day of a content creator

“The shame and humiliation of a Content creator is to delete it after writing it, so this article will be written in one circuit without erasing, without editing to reduce shame”.
First of all, we are living in Vietnam, so I will change everything to Vietnamese sub, because this article is quite bloody, so it will be contraindicated for children who are going to school, women with dyslexia. premenstrual psychology, and the elderly are easily excitable.
Creating content or cycling, being a president, or a multi-level is also an ordinary person, what is the first thing an ordinary person does when he wakes up? Of course, brush your teeth and wash your face! After that, we are still like a normal person, go to breakfast, then go to the office, park the car and go to the office. This stage is still like any other normal person. But after the fingerprint is done, you are like a men’s soup, the only difference is that you don’t wear shorts other than long pants. Kind of like transformation, super transformation.
Some of the questions you often ask, here are answers.
+ What does a content creator’s desk have?
Herey!! Objects of separation! The thing that everyone wants to keep at the company, the most important thing after their life.
– Chair!
I named it the infinity chair!
This chair is practically not studded with stones, nor does it have the function of disappearing half of life on earth. Its only function is to create hemorrhoids. Imagine if you sit for 10 hours a day on this chair, even if you are a saint, over the years you will grow longer, dangling like the tail of an adult mouse.
Because content creators often have less physical exertion, their limbs are often very weak, some people choose to overcome it by going to the gym. But personally, I don’t like lifting heavy objects, especially heavy things that are not flesh, I choose another way, which is to use tonics and energy drinks. That’s why a content creator’s desk is quite messy. Drinking cups of water, aphrodisiacs, menstrual cups. Oh wait.. hmmm.. was about to delete but I remember the opening sentence so I’ll explain.
It’s my brother’s stuff next to me.. in fact, my table only has drinking cups, speakers, masks, lego, pods, coffee, tea, tissues..etc.
+ What do content creators do?
It’s simple, write, write, write and write. Sometimes it’s not even writing. Can make photos, videos, viral content, sometimes entertaining, sometimes deeply humane, or if blood is ch0′, invite the whole team to hang out with a certain friend to tease us, for example.
People look at us and see that we are very chill, working very comfortably, but have you heard the sentence, don’t look at our faces and take pictures?? It looks so light, but our heads are always thinking.
– You see me pouring water?? It’s not like pouring water is fake, thinking how to advertise that water purifier.
– You see me cooking instant noodles?? Wrong, I’m thinking how to write an ad for an enema
– You see me smoking weed with my boss?? That’s right, just smoking weed, right?
+ High salary content creators?
High salary, very high, revealing a little secret that my boss is standing behind me, so I advise you if a day you spend about 100k a day, go find another job right away, because with that spending level , a person doing this job will not be able to afford it.
+ What do content creators fear the most?
This question is simple, I always answer. Kid stealing.
In-house creators are the most scared of guys, stealing stuff is scary of course, but stealing content is even scarier. Remember I talked about the infinity chair?? Here it is, imagine you sit for 10 hours, hemorrhoids reach out to the ground to produce a complete content, but the thief only takes 1 action 30 seconds for that content to appear on his computer. The problem is that there is no source at all, but its post is more interactive than yours. Not to mention its fans coming back to tell you to steal it, with pure thought. Whoever has more likes than that person wins.
A typical example is this trainghiemsong.vn newspaper, for example. Every day we steal and pick up our group’s cards and post them here, as if they produced them. Well, why play like that again, isn’t the hemorrhoid part that I lost to trade so cheaply??
+ If selected again, would you choose to create content?
Actually, it’s a profession that chooses people, but people do not choose jobs?
I don’t know about other people, but as for me.
I also say frankly, I create content simply for fame, for girls. Liked by many people, very happy. How many beautiful girls on Facebook, since the day I entered this profession, I am 6 times my age.
+ Do content creators know each other??
Crazy! It’s okay to hate each other, but it’s only for people to fuck each other.
+ What is the purpose of this article?
Actually, this post is just to convey to you that someone stole our group’s cards for personal gain, that’s stealing? on the efforts of young people who are passionate about making content.

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