A saying that makes us cry…

A saying that makes us cry when a friend I’ve known for twenty years lying on his death bed finally confessed his feelings to me.
She said, “Actually, I’m scared, but suddenly I’m not afraid anymore.”
Tears welled in my eyes, but I still tried to hold back and asked, “Why?”
She continued: “When I was a child, both of my parents died, others say it was because I carved them all, I also like to steal. Grandma told me, a person after death, the King of Hell will review his or her whole life, then judge whether they go to heaven or go to hell, but you kill your parents, again If you steal things, you will definitely go to hell. I was so scared, from then on, I didn’t steal anymore. I was really scared very scared, until just now I was still afraid, afraid of being judged by the King of Hell, afraid of being banished to hell, not the paradise that everyone dreams of, afraid that when they die, their parents will questioned why did I carve them to death… But I let go, this year I’m just over 20 years old, I’ve done so many good deeds, I won’t be banished to hell, right?”
I couldn’t help it anymore, lying down on the hospital bed crying loudly, she was exhausted but still tried to raise her hand to touch my head, I kept watching her cry: “Don’t cry, can you agree with me on one thing?”
She said: “Help me take care of Bao Bao, I’ve raised him for ten years, he’s just like me, they’re all oil lamps, you stay with him for the last time, try to make him happy. a little okay? Oh that’s right, don’t tell him I’m dead, I’m afraid he’ll be sad.”
I really couldn’t stand it anymore, agreed with her and ran out of the hospital room, standing outside the hospital room crying and sobbing, everyone around looked at me, but I really couldn’t help it.
She’s so good, so kind, but she’s afraid of being asked by her parents why she killed them all.
Bao Bao is a dog, raised by her since childhood, crossed from a domestic dog with a German shepherd. She loves it like gold, her grandparents are always nagging to sell her to a dog meat shop. She risked her life to keep the dog, and threatened: “If the dog dies, I will die with it!”
Grandparents and grandparents always wanted her to die, but she was the only blood of their son, so they only had to reluctantly raise her.
One day, her grandparents hid her and sent the dog back to her hometown. When she heard the news, it was as if she was sick, seeing the fear in the dog’s eyes and all the hair being beaten, she screamed. With that group of people, threatening with their own lives, their grandparents brought the dog back.
After bringing the dog home, she fell into depression.
Every day at school, she just stared blankly at the blackboard, only to show a little smile when she got home.
For her whole life in that place, her dog, her salvation, the only light in her life.
When I grow up, I go to work to earn money. Half of it is given to my grandparents, the other half is not enough to support myself, and I also take the money to do charity.
Every month, he donates two hundred yuan to the local fund, never dropping a penny.
Every day I go out to feed the stray dogs and cats. If I see any seriously ill, I take them to the veterinary hospital, then release them again.
On the way to meet a beggar, he will do his best to help, but he, himself, has a few tens of dong to buy a set of clothes.
She gives the best for dogs, tries to be kindest to everyone.
She used all her strength to love this world.
Depression still did not improve, fighting with illness for nearly ten years, then got cancer again.
What did the baby do wrong?
Being scolded by neighbors for being a comet, being isolated by classmates, having few friends with no one.
When she died, she still thought that she was the one who killed her parents.
She lay dying on the hospital bed, only a few friends came to visit.
The child has no family.
The only family member is Banh Bao.
She spent more than half her life protecting the dog, and ended up going ahead of the Dumpling.
She’s not ashamed of anyone, much less herself.
But at the last moment of his life, he reconciled with himself.
Updated on October 5, 2021
Posted on the 1st, I did not expect that many people would be interested in her story today.
Mixed joy and sadness, a few times when I turned on comments and posts to write, when I opened the keyboard, I couldn’t type anything. But today, I want to write something, because today is her birthday.
She went last July, not even 23.
If there is, this year is also 24.
Before, I didn’t understand, why, why she had to leave so early. But now I understand, because it’s so hard to live, so miserable that laughter also carries sadness.

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