Assassin’s Creed – a boring world with big “grains”

Assassin’s Creed dazzled us because it was definitely a game genre with beautiful graphics, NPCs walking around the city looked like they were on a time machine back in time, is it wide? Definitely wide. Is it grandiose? Definitely yes but… wide is wide, big is really big but there’s one thing you know? It’s so empty, after just a while of exploring, you will be bored right away because besides the beautiful graphics to see, you don’t have much to do in the game.

The most typical for this is that the game will be like: go to this place —> accept the mission, watch the cutscene —> kill, follow, steal,… —> finish the mission and then come back to this place —> receive quests, watch cutscenes —> kill, follow, steal… —-> then continue the almost endless loop until the end of the game. This makes a lot of people who are interested in playing through the first part quickly get bored and give up, even if they continue to play, they will again: “I wish this game would end quickly to free up debt, play boring. scattered rice”.

Besides, you don’t know what to do anymore, go climb the tower to open the map, Well, that’s fun but when you open the map, what can you do but go to the main quest now? The Assassin’s Contract system has only one effect, to make money. But when I didn’t receive the paper saying kill this person, I gave him money and I went to kill him right away, there was no explanation why I hate that person so much that I want him to die, if we kill a good person. so what? This situation lasted from the first version (2007) until the Unity version (2014) showed signs of improvement, but in particular about the “improvement” in Unity, it… .

The exploration system and side quests are boring, so what about the main plot? Coming back to this, it’s not necessarily bad but Ubisoft’s lack of creativity has made the game seem like a repetition of each other, early game as well as mid game but mid game is no different from late game. Playing the main plot, it returns to the loop I mentioned above with the tasks that keep repeating the same motif, just a little different in the story of each mission.

Especially the following quests definitely make many gamers inhibited every time they play. You just have to follow in order not to be far behind and not too close to be detected, around there are all the guards who are looking for you, not to mention when you are on a mission, if you want to understand better the plot you still have to read. sub (unless you’re good enough to hear it). These follow-up missions only bring us inhibitions and waste time, prolonging Ubisoft’s playtime, so it’s not without reason that the company is called ubisu… I don’t need to write anything, do I?

Graphics downgraded and poorly optimized:
I don’t think I need to say much more about this, not only Assassin’s Creed but many other games of the same Ubisoft family have this problem of downgrading graphics.

The shimmering trailer scenes at E3 are completely different from the official game version, although it is true that the graphics are still beautiful, the difference is too much and Ubisoft is like “hanging a goat’s head”. selling dog meat” to us gamers, something unacceptable. Some of you will probably defend Ubisoft saying: “well, it has to be optimized so that the graphics can’t be played”, that’s just an excuse, it’s clear that Ubisoft’s games are always heavy (in this era. when it was released) but never well optimized. Even if they are the most powerful computers, it is not certain that they will run well, so why call it optimal? It’s just a scam.

Many deficiencies:
With AC being a chicken with golden eggs, there’s no reason why Ubisoft doesn’t regularly release new versions to earn $$$, but the problem is that they are too greedy when they release one version almost every year and the first investment for each version is hard to achieve

The combat system is too easy:
Well, up until Unity, the game didn’t have a difficulty selector. But that doesn’t mean it’s as difficult as the “everyone knows what game” game, but it’s inexplicably easy. Almost all you need to know is the block and counter button, that even if you are surrounded by a bunch of enemies, you can still “take it all by yourself” in an extremely simple way with just the block button and the counter button. .

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