“Autonomy” in the marketing profession

When a master in Marketing has reached the level of self-mastery, which is the peak of Self-Self, gradually comes degeneration. This player is more and more walking in his own path, has a good back-up force, is increasingly moving away from reality and falling down in himself. If he doesn’t progress to the next level, he’ll really turn into dirt and stone after staying in one place for a long time
That’s why the masters of self-marketing, even if they have reached their peak, will still be obsolete.

That’s why it’s said that the marketing profession is sloppy, wave after wave first, no one cares when it’s old.

Most marketers, old and useless, once they have a little bit of fame, bite a hundred times, take a big bite, get old and retire.
It is different from selling. The more fake the salesman is, the higher he is, the older he is, the more fluent he is, the sharper his words are. So when you reach the peak of self-employment of a marketing team, one must step forward on the axis of the art of imprinting a spiritual imprint.
To do so, one must learn the spiritual and mental relationship between people and products, people with each other, people with the entire social community, and ultimately, people with themselves. The higher the level of the answer, the level of understanding the aspects of the mental imprint, the more it accumulates
But if you are complacent and stop at a level of money, people, and honor, you forget your mission to be the great explorer of the spirit, the top explorer of the mind, the creator. communities of behavior and interests, the end of life is to stroke one’s own tail
Remember, as Ogilvy once said of himself, the great marketer force of a society is the MARKET GENERATOR and the creator of capitalism itself, that is, the power of the economy, of the economy. consumption, creating a force to balance supply and demand, promoting great competition and creativity of society
So go ahead, sharpen yourself, join, go on a journey, discover this art
Instead of trying to make more money from individual businesses, instead of trying to raise prices while you can
Because the search for the art of the spiritual seal is the “religious” of the marketer
In the next post, I would like to present the next 3 levels in the amazingly beautiful evolution of the marketer

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