Content masters: Write about others so they think you’re writing yourself

In energy psychology, what is exposed spreads quickly but is quickly exhausted, what is kept hidden is difficult to expand but long-lasting. So parents posting pictures of their children to the world, not a good thing. But the husband and wife show off their happiness together, it’s not even a good thing.
Someone asked, how about success that you want to show everyone? Well, the success that everyone sees, doesn’t last long and often isn’t a real success either
What is truly successful must be hidden and kept. Because true success is exchanged for blood and tears, accumulate it, not disperse it
Someone asked, Master, what about the product? I say, smart people who show off their products say what people like, but don’t say all the good, right, or right things for customers to use and speak for themselves. That’s why you always have to ask customers, how do you use the product? The real answer of the customer, rarely like what the marketers say, the producers think for themselves
Content master, writing for everyone that everyone thinks written for themselves. Thanks to that, people send private messages, their own thoughts are directed to this master, this brand, this company. It’s borrowed together and made separately, the energy is both wide and deep, what a master
The master of the master, writes for one person, and every reader finds himself there. Thus formed a core energy that pervades, the value of which permeates everything, but no one can name it, vaguely goes to one side.
If you are a master, you can borrow from a common job to accomplish your own thing, what a wolf
A master of a master, through his own work, the common work is completed, what a master of the world
However, these two people are similar in appearance, so they were born without knowing who is the Wolf and who is the teacher.
Writing here, my soulmate said, are you a Wolf, or a Master? Am I a Sheep, or a student?
Ah, my friend, I just want to let the clouds float and watch the sun, make the wind blow to visit the Big Mountain, Just ignore the meaningless things, right?

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