My Experience of “Hades”

In recent times, whenever I play a game, I tend to want the game to be able to quickly start as well as finish, a game that can be turned on and played for a few games or after a certain time, then shut down. Go to bed, after work or school. With my gaming goals in mind, many selected games often have a short campaign, worth the time, and engaging enough to come back to play instead of selling souls to CS:GO or Valorant every day. Of all the types of games, rogue-like is usually the one that I avoid the most due to the thought of having to die in a remote area and then crawl all the way back just to get a little closer and then die. It’s starting to make me feel tired again.

Rogue-likes also often require a lot of time to master, learn the mechanics, and understand the game’s meta, so for someone who just wants neat games they probably don’t suit me and don’t make sense to me either. There’s no reason to play them instead of playing a big game or two or playing a short campaign. Rogue-likes are also difficult to master as the areas of this genre game will constantly change automatically after each start, making it useless to memorize areas or enemy spawn locations. . What players have to focus on is the management of resources, their lives throughout from start to death and then repeat.

Even the Dead Cells game in my library only had 15 hours of playtime before it dropped due to boredom taking over me and pushing me back to CS and Valorant as usual. But this year, there was a surprise for me, a rogue-like game popped up on Steam’s homepage with the name Hades and like the name of the god of hell, it swept me into the world of horror. This is awesome but awesome.

Hades is a rogue-like game, which means you only have one chance to clear the entire game without dying, if you die it’s game over and “i’m going back to the start” as in “The scientist” by Coldplay. Players will take the role of Zagreus, the prince of hell, the son of Hades. Everything is very simple, Hades wanted to escape from Tartarus so that he could go to the top of Mount Olympus to become a god like his relatives, during the escape, Zag was supported by all these relatives, no matter how little or not. Many and along with the gods Zag is also given infernal arms to be able to take down anything that stands in his way of escape. Because he was the son of Hades and was born in Tartarus, so Zag was immortal, so when he died, he was only sent home to the Home of Hades to see his father and the people living in that house. We will come back to these characters later, first let’s talk about the gameplay.

Hades has a top-down perspective, which means that players will look from the top like games like Darkwood or Enter the Gungeon. Initially, players may feel reluctant to play Hades due to its perspective because they think it will not sow suspense and suspense like the first or third person, but as soon as they enter the game, Hades would dispel those doubts as it did to me. Controls in Hades are very smooth, everything has a very thorough feel as Supergiant games have played a lot of tests to ensure the game has the smoothest control for the player. Hades is a hack and slash game, although not the type with combos to keep enemies in the air or flashy like Devil May Cry, Ninja but still equally impressive due to the feeling that the game brings.

As mentioned above, my gaming standards now include short, worth playing, so every time before buying a game I will go through a lot of reviews, trailers, media channels of that game developer to decide that should buy or not. The first Hades made me hesitate a lot because it’s a rogue-like game so I immediately thought it would be like the countless games I’ve played and then disliked. When I saw the first trailers I was also unimpressed and thought it was like the countless animated trailers of many games out there, but when Hades and the other characters started talking and the music exploded with its gameplay. when the game got my attention.

Although I have not come to the part to talk about the game in detail yet, but if there is, one thing I definitely have to praise about Hades is the quality of the dialogue along with the very “god-like” voice acting that brings all the characters in the god. Greek mythology in resurrection myth, I am very interested in dying and coming back to life just to be able to hear the stories of those great people. Not only about each voiceover, but the Supergiant game developers themselves are also very open with the players, creating a feeling of close friendliness. Their main Youtube page has a very detailed video on how to play the song “good riddance” on guitar, how many studios are willing to have a video teaching how to play the song on their own homepage? After much deliberation I got into Hades and in this lousy year this is the best thing that has happened to me.

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