“Phasmophobia SV 6” – Horror game that fosters language

If some of games with deep storylines are likened to me as a bitter but nutritious “food”, horror games are a kind of functional food for weight loss in both figurative and literal terms. Literally, according to science, if you watch horror movies or play horror games, you will burn a lot of calories. And figuratively trying to imagine your character running, panicking, screaming loudly, crying in despair is like playing a track and field game disguised in a horror game cover. Phasmophobia is a survival horror game that debuted quite spectacularly this year. Certainly when playing Phasmophobia will not be lonely, lonely like other horror games. That’s why I won’t leave you alone and confused, holding your hand and helping you figure out if Phasmophobia is worth playing?

A strange thing is that the more confusing things are, the more scary people like to explore. It also doesn’t happen that anyone makes a horror game and doesn’t want it to be a delicious and lucrative bait to attract diners. Surely in everyone’s mind, they ask themselves the question: “What the hell are the Developers setting up in that game?”. The higher the curiosity, the more it pulls people into the “horror game” mud, and when you are addicted enough to look for other things in the game, fear is like a spiritual food.

Phasmophobia inherits ‘atmospheric’ quite well like its predecessors: Amnesia, Outlast Soma, .. but in return it does not have a good plot or clear script. You only understand that you are one of four people who are paid to find out if there are strange psychic forces appearing in a certain area such as: school, hill house, abandoned house, mental hospital god,… The atmosphere in the game is pushed up optimally. The murky, ghostly atmosphere always surrounds you from the moment you start entering the game. But Phasmophobia is smarter by allowing players to coop – both increasing revenue and helping us share “wet diapers” without having to fumble around in the dark alone. Instead of trying to swallow that redpill alone, you have been somewhat reassured because you have the feeling of your teammates next to you, shoulder to shoulder “ball to ball”.

Gameplay is not too sublime or breakthrough. The four people mentioned above, complete all the challenges and guess who is the spiritual monster they have to face? Of course, according to the usual theory, no guy is stupid enough to go in to catch ghosts with a camera like Miles Upshur in Outlast. You will be transformed into members of Ghost Busters with dozens of high-end equipment and a van parked close to the area to be explored. Of course, each device has a different function to find out the characteristics of different psychic forces. The equipment is as dear and simple as the cute gameplay: camera to take pictures, video cam to observe the area, temperature meter, UV fingerprint scanner, etc. As mentioned, everything is as easy as the day. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is fold the blanket, the first thing you have to do is think about what you will bring with you. Each person will be limited to 3 slots at a time. Limiting the item slot will make it more difficult and confusing for players if they do not properly distribute and install equipment in the area correctly.

Looking for a symphony with massive sound tracks in a horror game? There is none. However, we must also give real praise for the sound quality and voice chat experience in the game. The sound transforms from when you step outside and into the world of Wonderland with eerie murky sounds.

In short, Phasmophobia is not an outstanding or groundbreaking horror game. Gameplay is somewhat puzzle, exploration like other common horror games. But it does boost player engagement and offers replay value over and over again. Players can share pain, can cry together and have the same misfortune to find spiritual entities to talk to. The game always knows how to relax the tempo of the game so that the player who has just recovered from his or her soul will continue to come back to life because the events are happening slowly, separated without constantly rushing, maintaining an unstable emotional circuit. . The rush and excitement is also evident in the game’s surroundings, with praise for the sound, map design, and character’s surroundings. Of course, the difficulty will increase gradually and you will have to face even stronger supernatural forces.

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