PS2 and the glorious old times

Before I wrote this post, I spent over three hours playing games on my friend’s luxurious PS4 slim system. We fought a few games of Mortal Kombat X together, got bored with each other and I let him go into GTA V to mess around alone. Just sitting and watching it play, holding a dualshock 4 (DS4) is not very new but still quite good. I looked at it for a while and suddenly realized that I used to have a companion for every game on PS2 and of course, it was a dualshock 2 (DS2).

It’s easy to compare a modern gamepad like the DS4 with the bland DS2. The DS4 feels comfortable to hold, integrated with hand vibration, buttons, trigger, analog are sensitive and of course very durable. As for the DS2, it’s simply a gamepad that supports gaming.

However, before the super-genuine dualshock 3 and 4 were born, the DS2 was once an indispensable equipment for every peak PES battle, or the endless races in Need for Speed. For me, those are unforgettable experiences.

The DS2 comes in many colors like white, gray, blue, red, but back then I owned two beautiful jet blacks that PlayStation still maintains that tone on the DS4. The DS2 is simply a handheld with a long cord, but it is by no means tasteless. It does not have the self-vibration experience on the DS4, nor does it have the sensitive and durable buttons today.

However, it is a keepsake of the feelings of my father, me and my friends.

We are overjoyed to see our team standing on the podium holding the championship trophy in PES. Sighing heavily when I finished the last screen of Devil May Cry 4 with a sweaty handle. Or the times when I was angry because I died a lot in God of War 2. All those emotions, whether happy or sad, for me it is priceless and certainly, I will never be able to find it again. .

In 2000, gamers worldwide had to gasp at what they saw. PlayStation introduces their new product, PlayStation 2 (PS2), with very significant upgrades and can be said to be a turning point. Only after its release, PS2 exploded the gaming market at that time, and is now a best-selling video game console of all time (Wikipedia about PlayStation 2). Just a few years later, my father also took me to the store to buy one for me.

I am truly an extremely lucky kid to own the first machine in the neighborhood. When I first bought it, I was interested even though I didn’t know what it was and what I could play, because I had never heard it before, so it felt quite strange. Ba installed the device on the TV screen, the color box TV is also an equally important thing. After that, I sat on the chair all the time, holding the dualshock 2 and pressing it. I clearly remember the first game disc my dad bought me was GTA San Andreas, and I walked around Los Santos like an aboriginal guy from the Amazon jungle messing around. It’s fun!

As time passed, I kept playing game after game. Sometimes they play with three, sometimes with friends and most of the time they play alone. Until the 9th grade, I had to work hard to study for the 10th exam, so I had to stop playing games. Passed in 10, because it’s a special school, so I don’t have much time to turn on the computer to play games, so I just leave it there, thinking to myself when I have free time. It wasn’t until after my graduation exam that I had time to relax and write these confidants.

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