Sharpen the “savage sword” about content marketing…

Until now, there are still people who hold the misconception that marketing must sell goods. That is a crude way of thinking that the owners themselves often fall into. Marketing is to impose will, and sales is to impose behavior, the two are related, but not the same
The opposite is true. You have to go to sales first, you have to learn to sell, and then you can do Marketing. It’s just like life, learn to be a son first, and then become a father. But marketing it is very extreme, not only in many different schools, but because of its essence is the art of imprinting one’s own mental imprint on others, constantly appearing strange and genius, creating all kinds of marketing.
But in general, it still revolves around 3 main schools:
• Use the product as a vehicle to leave a mental imprint on others. Simply do marketing on the product itself. This is basic, shallow
• Using people as a medium to carve spiritual imprints on other people’s lives. Kind of like a personal brand. This is a master, profound
• Using organization, that is, synthesizing many people and many things as a force to spread spiritual imprints on the lives of many people. This is doing communication, brand PR. This is mighty, terrible
I say every word for sure, everyone who reads carefully will see the meaning
Brother marketing or reacting is about selling. But people forget that it is Kotler himself, in his classic lecture he repeated a fact of history: Marketing was born to do what the sales guy didn’t want to do. Of these, 3 typical things that the salesman doesn’t want to do are:
• Firstly, documents and content for sales, salesmen do not want to waste time because of this
• Second is market research
• Third is to start attracting potential customers
So because of that origin, most of the marketing guys go a little higher, that’s how to sell. In the process of returning to their sales path, it is the sales leaders, the marketing leaders, because they have to close the order themselves and they have to become the main one. And because of their goal, to make the business they support, the business they service, can sell. So gradually their mental desire to impose a mental seal on it diminished
Because we all know the early period, the peak time of a marketing boss, for them, they feel happy with the acceptance of their product by society. They tell their story over and over. They are happy with the fact that a spiritual imprint is engraved on people who have heard, read, watched, know… but later on, the marketing brothers, their goal is MONEY

That is, they gradually move, back to the story of the sale – IMPLEMENTATION OF BEHAVIOR. As for the application of will, that is, the work of marketing, the spiritual field of marketing, the field of marketing discovery and creativity in themselves gradually have a fading mark.

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